Privacy Policy

When you purchase something from our store or website, we collect personal information, such as name, address, and email address.

When you browse our site, we will automatically get your computer's IP address. It helps us know better about your browsing and operating system. If email marketing is applicable, we will send you emails about our stores, new products, and other related updates (with your permission).


When you give us your personal information to complete a transaction, for placing an order, verifying the credit card, arranging for delivery or return or exchange of purchase, we imply your consent to use that information to proceed with the transaction for a specific reason only.

If we ask for your personal information for some secondary reasons, like marketing, we will directly ask for your consent and provide you with the opportunity to say no.

We can disclose your personal information if needed and permitted by the law or in case you violate the terms of our service.

In general, the third-party service providers that work for us will only use your personal information to perform the services they provide us. However, these third-party service providers also have their privacy policies concerning the personal information of the customers. They need it to go further with the purchase-related transactions. For these providers, we would recommend you to read the policy of these third-party service providers for a better understanding of how they will use your information.

Once you leave our store's website, we will no longer govern you by the terms and conditions of our website.


When you click on the links of our store's website, it can direct you away from our websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of whatever websites the links may take you. Therefore, we encourage you to read their privacy policies and terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us on our helpline.